Feature Websites

For the Kinver Jewellers & Dragons and Dreamsellers websites below we’ve put together a small breakdown of how each website was designed and the features we’ve implemented in order to make the websites fast loading and user friendly.

kinver jewellers website
dragons and dreamsellers website design

Website Design

The websites showcased below are ones that we have designed according to our clients individual requirements. We ensure that each website is custom designed  to ensure that it emulates the clients brand, image, needs and target audience.

ad33 charity website design


WordPress website for a Christian Charity designed to be especially fast loading with a sleek and easy to navigate design.

See the design live at www.ad33.org.uk

kinver jewellers website design

Kinver Jewellers

WordPress website designed to primarily be an information website for new and existing customers to find out more about the company. We also integrated an Instagram feed with this website to allow the company to display their latest products as well as bespoke jewellery designs they are working on to help better connect with their followers..

See the design live at: www.kinverjewellers.com

bewdley art website design

Bewdley Art

Full e-commerce WordPress website launching soon for local artist Timothy Hebbard to see his wide range of original artwork and giclée prints worldwide.

Website is currently under construction

bespoke stick company website design

Bespoke Stick Company

Simple HTML website for a local company that produces handmade walking sticks. We also provided product photography for the website through Daniel James Photography.

The website is unavailable to view as the company is no longer trading

sweet treats by kate website design

Sweet Treats by Kate

Full e-commerce WordPress website for a sweet company that produces bouquets, hampers and other delicious delights. Setup to accept PayPal payments and for shipping worldwide. We’ve also integrated Mailchimp into all areas to allow for the company to easily collect newsletter subscribers and build their customer base.

See the design live at: www.sweettreatsbykate.co.uk

kinver methodist church

Kinver Methodist Church

Easy to update WordPress website for Kinver Methodist Church. Integrating Google Calendar and Mailchimp.

See the design live at: www.potterscross.com

clover accountancy website design

Clover Accountancy

Simple static site for a local accountancy company to explain the services they offer and provide an easy point of contact for current and future customers.

See the design live at www.cloveraccountancy.co.uk

daniel james photography website design

Daniel James Photography

Dynamic WordPress website with e-commerce, image slider and Mailchimp integrated.

See the design live at www.danieljamesphotography.net

dragons and dreamsellers website design

Dragons and Dreamsellers

Stand-out website for local author Krista Joy to promote her debut novel Dragons and Dreamsellers.

See the design live at www.dragonsanddreamsellers.co.uk

Rillis Accountants

Dynamic WordPress website set to primarily offer new and existing customers a place to learn more about Rillis Accountants. This site also had an extra feature which allows customers to sign their documents digitally, especially useful during the pandemic, allowing the company to work better with their customers remotely.

See the design live at www.rilisaccountants.co.uk